Preparing (again) for an ocean-themed spectacular Halloween!

We are re-posting our blog from last year because, honestly, dressing up in your favorite ocean-themed Halloween costume never goes out of style. If you missed our post last year, enjoy reading it for the first time. We hope you find some inspiration (or at least a good laugh).

In our lab, you’re never to old to celebrate Halloween, so in this week’s blog I will share some fabulous marine-inspired Halloween costumes and incredible pumpkin carving ideas. Whether you want to dress as your research subject or just your favorite marine organism, with a little time, creativity and recycled materials you can make almost any costume come to life. Here’s the nine best marine-inspired Halloween costumes I found on the web, in no particular order:

1. Make friends, not anemones. To take this costume one step further, have a stuffed clownfish coming out of the tentacles.


2. The world is your oyster.


3. Life-sized hermit crab.


4. Angler fish.


5. Pufferfish.


6. Any fish in the sea.


7. Whale.


8. Jellyfish. It’s so easy to make, all you need is an umbrella and party string!


9. Lobstah (yes, you should say it as if you are from New England). This is a costume you can definitely make in a pinch, as most graduate students have some red solo cups lying around.


In addition to dressing up like your favorite marine organism, it is also fun to carve them into pumpkins! It has become a tradition in the Donahue lab to hold an underwater pumpkin carving contest each year and I must say, the competition is fierce. In order to bring the competition to a new level this year, I challenge my fellow lab members to re-create any of these carvings. If you’re not in the lab (or in Hawaii, as the lab event has grown to include many outside members), I hope this post encourages you to start your own!

1. Nautilus


2. Jaws


3. Octopus


4. Angler fish


5. Fish bones, anchor, lobster and octopus tentacles.


Happy Halloween from the Donahue lab!!!

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