Coding in R: Lab Alumni Starts an Awesome R Blog

Dr. Nyssa Silbiger

Nyssa Silbiger, a Donahue lab alumni, is someone who many graduate students turn to with their coding questions. She has worked with some crazy datasets including ones with hierarchical structures, random effects, and more. Not only can she think through models and ways to handle data efficiently, she is also always willing to help others out.

When we were at ASLO just a few months ago, I was working to finish an analysis that included random intercepts and slopes for my presentation. I had successfully run the model, but I wanted to make a specific graph to showcase my results. I knew the figure I wanted and had ideas about how to get there, but I was short on time.

Realistic portrayal of the average line of graduate students lining up to get Nyssa’s help.

After sitting with Nyssa for ten minutes, I had much more clarity on how to make the output I wanted. Working off of my conversation with Nyssa and the code she helped me work on, the day before my talk, I had presentation ready figures.

So that we all don’t bombard Nyssa at conferences and social gatherings with coding questions, she recently started an awesome R blog where she presents data and code to work through common ecological analyses and coding challenges. If you are trying to learn R or working on ecological analyses in R, I highly recommend checking out Nyssa’s blog!

My presentation-ready figure made possible with Nyssa’s help!