We host an institutional seminar series at HIMB every Wednesday during the academic year from 3-4pm in the Large Pauley classroom to hear about research from HIMB students, postdocs, faculty and visiting scholars. The seminar is followed immediately by a Pau Hana with our guest speaker. Find out the schedule or sign up to present here.

Megan periodically teaches graduate seminars for her students and anyone else who wants to join in.

Recent seminars include:

Fall 2018:  reading group on Ecological Forecasting by Dietze

Spring 2016:  reading group on Data Analysis using Regressiona and Multilevel/Hierarchical Modeling by Gelman & Hill

Fall 2014:  Introduction to Bayesian Statistics (Zoo 710) based on Kruschke’s Doing Bayesian Data Analysis and early notes from Hooten & Hobb’s Bayesian Models:  A statistical primer for ecologists

Spring 2012:  graduate seminar in theoretical ecology

Spring 2011:  reading group on Bayesian models in population biology using Clark’s Models for Ecological Data

Spring 2010:  reading group on Hilborn & Mangel’s The Ecological Detective with Durrel Kapan’s lab