Graduate students interested in pursuing research in my laboratory at HIMB should contact me via email.  Please include information on your research interests and experience, your academic preparation, and whether you have applied for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (you should!).  Students working with me will matriculate through the Department of Biology or the Marine Biology Graduate Program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM).

Students who would like to work in my lab should have research experience and a strong quantitative background, including statistics, at least a year of calculus, and some programming experience.  To succeed in a UHM graduate program, you should have an undergraduate degree in the biological sciences.

While your preparation for graduate school is critical, your enthusiasm and capacity for focused hard work will determine your success.  It is also critical that you have a good personality match with your advisor; for that reason, I will not accept a student without meeting them by Skype or, preferably, in person.